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Questions about designing a stamp

Which guidelines apply when creating graphic stamps?

Guidelines and assistance for designing your graphic stamp (line thickness, file formats, etc.) can be found under Guidelines for graphic stamps.

What graphic formats can be ordered as graphic stamps?

You can use all common graphic formats such as PDF, TIFF, JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, SVG, EPS. If possible, please note that your stamp graphic has a resolution of 600dpi. Otherwise, rounded text or logos may appear pixelated on the stamp imprint.

Are full-surface motifs suitable for a stamp imprint?

In general, full-surface designs are suitable for stamps. For technical reasons, large colored areas are not always printed 100% across the board, the imprint has a classic "stamp look". A full-surface design (larger colored areas) will therefore appear slightly "blotchy" in the print. Due to the surface tension, the rubber text plate cannot be fully moistened with ink, which means that droplets can form and white (unprinted) spots can appear in the imprint.

Can I also order a stamp combining a logo and text?

Yes, that is possible. Please use a graphics program to create your logo and the desired text in accordance with your requirements. Save the image with a resolution of 600dpi in a common file format (here you will find guidelines for graphic stamps) and upload it via Upload graphic stamp.

What about Word, Excel or PowerPoint layouts?

If you create your stamp layout in Office programs such as Word, Excel or Powerpoint, please save them as PDF files. If you include a graphic in the program, use a black/white file as if possible. You can now easily upload the PDF file as Graphic Stamp.

Do I have to flip my design?

No. You can send us the design/file in the way you want the stamp to print.

How do I order a signature stamp?

You can scan your signature and upload it as a graphic file in our stamp shop. When signing for the scan, please make sure that the line thickness is sufficient ( ideally use a good ballpoint pen or thin drawing pen in black) and that the resolution is 600dpi!

What do I do if I have problems creating my stamp graphics?

If you have any problems with your graphics, please send us an email or use the inquiry form - we will be happy to help you.

What will happen if my uploaded graphic does not meet the requirements?

Please understand that our systems initially accept all graphics, even if they do not meet the production requirements. Our employees will be able to decide whether a design is suitable for production. We do try to screen uploaded graphics for production suitability. If we come across see that a graphic is not OK to be produced we will contact you before production.

In the preview the imprint looks poorer than on my computer. Why is this?

In order to save you long loading times, the graphics shown in the shop are compressed. This can result in differences in the representations. Your stamp always corresponds to the template you upload! You can download a 1:1 preview of your imprint. If you upload your design in sufficient resolution (600dpi) as a graphics stamp, we will of course use this resolution. Our laser works with a resolution of 600dpi.

What if I find spelling mistakes in my stamp text?

Our production is fully automated. Therefore, please pay attention to the correct spelling - especially for e-mail addresses and telephone numbers! We produce your stamp exactly the way you have uploaded your design or with the text entered. We cannot make later changes! If you have ordered an impression with spelling mistakes and have an automatic stamp, you can order a replacement text plate online. Search for the right model for your stamp in the category Replacement text plates and design it online. Replace the old text plate with the new one. We do not offer replacement text plates for wooden stamps, as the manufacturer advises against replacing the text plates.

How can I send a special font to you by email?

Please open Windows Explorer and go to "My Computer" on your "Local disk" (your hard disk). In the folder "Windows" you will find another folder "Fonts". This folder contains all fonts installed on your PC. Please copy the required font to your desktop and send it from there as an attachment by e-mail.

My date stamp has expired, what can I do?

No spare parts are produced by the manufacturer for date stamps, therefore we cannot exchange year bands. If your date stamp has reached it's final year, there is no other solution than replacing it with a new date stamp. All our date stamps are delivered with 10 years date from date of purchase.

I have a new address. Do I have to order a new stamp?

If you have a self-inking stamp, you can order a replacement text plate. Search for the right model for your stamp in the category 'Replacement text plates' and design your new replacement text plate directly online. Replace the old text plate with the new one. We recommend that you also replace the ink pad supplied by us in order to get a perfect stamp imprint. We do not offer replacement text plates for wooden stamps, as the manufacturer advises against replacing the text plates.

Is it possible to order only a replacement ink pad or only ink?

Yes, in our online shop you can select the replacement ink pads, stamping ink or other accessories in the appropriate category. When selecting the replacement pad, make sure that it fits your current stamp.

How can I get replacement text plates for older stamp models (e.g. Trodat Professional 42xx)?

The text plates of the successor series Trodat Professional 52xx fit exactly on the devices of the 42xx series. Please note that you should also change the stamp pad for an optimal impression! Some of the replacement stamp cartridges from the Trodat Professional 52xx series are also suitable for 42xx models. With the following exceptions: The ink pad for the Trodat Professional 4204 is no longer produced. We therefore recommend ordering the complete successor model Trodat Professional 5204. Please use pad 6/57 for the Trodat Professional stamp 5207 and pad 6/58 for its successor model 5274.

Which color suits which purpose?

Self inking stamps have always an integrated stamp pad filled with document-proof office stamp color. They are suitable for stamp impressions on regular paper (approx. 80g/m2). This ink is less suitable for more absorbent and thicker papers, since the imprint can "smudge" due to the absorbency. Glossy paper or coated documents cannot be stamped with the automatic stamping machine because the ink does not dry and smear on it. The office stamp color is also suitable for disco entrance applications (stamping on skin). Our ink pads for wood stamps are also filled with office ink and are suitable for the purposes mentioned above.

Glossy paper / coated backings
For glossy paper we recommend the fast drying ink R9. This is to be used together with an dry ink pad.
For more colors, go directly to the category Stamp Ink Special.

We would like to point out that all self-inking stamps are filled with office stamp ink. This color is suitable for stamping on regular paper. More absorbent paper, glossy paper or coated substrates can only be stamped with special ink.

Products ordered that are not suitable for the desired purpose are therefore not eligible for return.

What is the colour of my imprint?

All self-inking stamps are equipped with black ink pads as standard. If you want a different colour, you can select it during the ordering process at no extra cost.

Questions about the ordering process

I have received a voucher from previous orders - where do I enter it?

Please enter your voucher into the appropriate field in the shopping cart and click on "Use voucher". Your discount amount will then be displayed directly in the shopping cart. The input of several coupons is not possible. If your voucher is no longer valid, please contact us before completing your order.

Are there volume discounts for bulk orders?

For bulk orders, please contact us via the quote request tool or by e-mail. We will be happy to make you an individual quote.

How will my personal data be treated?

We will only use your personal data internally and for the professional processing of your order. If you receive information about our offers from us after your order, you have the possibility at any time to unsubscribe from further e-mails (or newsletters). The protection of your privacy is very important to us. Please also read our privacy policy.

Can I return my order?

If it concerns a product manufactured according to customer specification, there is no right of revocation or return. If it is a non-individualized standard product (e.g. ink pad), you can return the product during the return period (14 days). However, please arrange each return shipment with us beforehand.

What should I do if I have a complaint?

Product defects or production errors must be reported to us by e-mail immediately after receipt of the delivery. Provide pictures of the defects whenever possible. We are sure that we will find a solution together.

Questions about payment options

Which payment methods can I choose?

We offer you all common payment methods on account, via Paypal or with credit cards. All possible payment methods at the time of ordering are listed on the website.
When ordering on an invoice basis, we reserve the right to carry out a credit check and to demand advance payment if necessary.

Which credit cards are accepted?

We accept the most common cards such as Visa and Mastercard. Further credit cards are displayed online. During the ordering process you will be forwarded to our payment provider via a secure and encrypted connection. Under no circumstances will we have access to your credit card details.

Questions about shipping

When can I expect delivery?

In general the following applies: If we receive your order online by 14h, it will be processed on the same day. Please allow 2-4 working days for delivery. If we cannot keep this promise, we will try to inform you as soon as possible. For more details please check the overview of our production and delivery times.

What are the shipping costs?

Please refer to the following delivery and shipping overview for the shipping costs.

How are the products shipped?

We ship your products with our shipping service provider DPD and DHL with track and trace.