Ordering date stamps online

Contrary to a normal stamp, to order a date stamp you first have to choose the model or select one of our templates to design your date stamp as you wish. Here we show you the possibilities to order an individual date stamp from us.

Your 6 options


Daters standard texts


Daters multi-words


Dater (date only, no text)

When configuring your individual date stamp, you have the option of selecting the date format in German, French, Italian, English and dutch during the ordering process. For some models you can also select the ISO date format 20XX-09-26. Please refer to the information for the respective model. All our date stamps are supplied with a minimum 10-year date from the date of order.

PLEASE NOTE: Once your date stamp has reached it's final year, there is no other solution than replacing it with a new date stamp. No spare parts are produced by the manufacturer for date stamps, therefore we cannot exchange year bands.

Order your date stamp from onlinestempel.ch - produced for you in Switzerland. Our very fast production and delivery times also apply to most date stamps.

1. Date stamp with own text or own graphic

You can easily order your individual date stamp from us in 3 steps. In step 1, you select a model from our 3 categories Printy, Professional or round date stamps. In step 2, you design the selected model online in the text editor or upload a graphic you have created. In step 3 you complete your order.

PLEASE NOTE: In the text editor, only the design above and below the date is possible. With the graphic upload, you can design the entire area around the date. Use our PDF model overview, which we offer for download, to design on your PC.

How to order a date stamp

The adjustable date is located in the centre of the stamp imprint on most date stamps. To be able to design a date stamp individually online, you must first decide on a model. We have created a size overview of all date stamps for you.

We offer our date stamps exclusively from the stamp brand Trodat.

Our Trodat date stamps categories:

Trodat Printy Date Stamps

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Trodat Professional Date Stamps

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Trodat Datestmaps round

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1.1. Date stamp with own text

In our text stamp designer (text editor), you can add your desired text to the area above and below the date and place a frame around the entire stamp imprint. In the model overview we show you the optimal number of lines that you can design above or below the date in our online designer. We offer a selection of different fonts for designing your date stamp.

Text above and below date can be designed

If you want to place text/elements to the left or right of the date, use our design templates for date stamps or design your desired imprint for your date stamp directly completely yourself. To do this, design the desired imprint on your computer, save it as a PDF and upload this graphic as described in the next chapter.

1.2. Date stamp with uploaded graphic

To be able to use the entire surface of the date stamp, you must design the template in a graphics programme or in Word or Excel and then upload the graphic you have designed for the desired stamp model.

Designable area for date stamps with own graphics

Please note that the blue rectangle for the adjustable date must remain free. You cannot add your design to this blue area of the date stamp.

For easy design, download the imprint sizes of our Trodat date stamps as a PDF or use our instructions for designing your date stamp:

PDF Download Trodat date stamps imprint size

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2. Date stamp - editable templates

With our design templates for date stamps, you can quickly and easily create your individual date stamp online.

With our editable templates, we offer you a basis for the design / customisation of your individual date stamp. You can create your personal date stamp in just a few steps. If you cannot find a suitable date stamp template, design the stamp yourself or send us an online enquiry using the contact form. We will be happy to help you.

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3. Date stamps for accounting purposes

Often date stamps are used as account assignment stamps for accounting. We offer you stamp design templates for account assignment stamps, which you can easily edit in a few steps to create your own account assignment stamp according to your wishes.

We also offer ready-designed standard account assignment stamps as well as editable templates for account assignment. If you cannot find a suitable account assignment stamp template, design the imprint yourself or send us an online enquiry using the contact form. We will be happy to help you.

Accounting Stamps w/ date - editable

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Accounting Stamps w/ Date - Standard

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Our tip: If you cannot find a suitable template for your date stamp, design your desired imprint in a graphics programme, Excel or Word, save the template as a PDF and upload it to the webshop. We will be happy to help you if you have any problems. Send us your file for the date stamp for processing / ordering via our contact form.

4. Date stamps with standard text

By using the date stamps with standard texts, you are spared the tedious task of writing by hand. The date stamps are designed in 2 colours in red / blue so that the imprint on documents is easier to recognise.

You will find date stamps with standard texts such as RECEIVED, PAID, BILLED etc. in different languages.

If you would like a different text on your date stamp, you can design it yourself as a text stamp or graphic stamp. You will find the instructions for this at the top of this page. Alternatively, we can design a stamp for you if you tell us exactly which text and which model you would like. Please use our contact form for this.

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5. Date stamps with several texts ( rotating texts)

Dater stamps with several texts are very helpful for office work. With all models, the date as well as the desired stamp text can be set very easily via a rotary wheel.

All word band rotating text date stamps are equipped with 12 standard texts such as PAID, RECEIVED, BILLED, etc. Please refer to the respective specifications for the desired model to ensure that the stamp text you require is included. We offer these texts in the following languages: German, French, Italian, English, Dutch.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to produce stamps with rotary texts with your own individual texts.

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6. Dater (date only, no text)

Our date stamps without additional text are perfect if you are looking for a stamp that only prints the date. This will save you a lot of time if you often need to place the date on documents. The date is easy to set thanks to setting wheels.

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